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Ana Pena-Spanish Teacher

Our Spanish Teacher Ana Pena has been enriching the minds of children for over 20 years. She brings with her a plethora of experience and a passion that inspires children's innate love of language. She engages children's interests and shares her latin roots via authentic immersion Espanol, play, story, music, and activities. Our students will cherish her visits and we are thrilled to have Ana as a part of our enrichment team.   

Allie Maffei- Director/Teacher

Allie has a passion for all things Early Childhood! She’s been teaching on the Central Coast now for over six years and earned her Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education. Allie specializes in Relationship-Based Teaching, and believes that when children develop relationships based on communication, trust, and positive regard they can reach their fullest potential as young learners. She is also a language and literacy specialist who’s certified in the Handwriting Without Tears Program. She has a great love for children’s literacy, and with her background as a previous Kindergarten teacher, she also specializes in Kinder-readiness for those students moving onto elementary school. Allie has great admiration for the Play-Based and Inquiry-Based approach, as she shines when it comes to the observation and assessment of young children. Her thoughtful and informative assessments of students have been known to build bridges between home and school. When she is not playing with and teaching kids, she enjoys playing music and Bocci ball, as well as cooking and eating with her big Italian family!

Our Team

Kara- Master Teacher / Mindfulness Specialist

Kara is a credentialed  early childhood educator who is trained in the practice of Mindfulness. She will be helping children recognize what’s going on inside their bodies, and what’s going on in the world around them. She teaches breathing strategies to help calm children in order for them to recognize the moment they are in. These life skills will benefit their long-term learning for years to come.

Roy Schwartz- Master/Teacher

Meet Roy Schwartz! NBCC is incredibly fortunate to have her talents, education, and experience on our team. Roy is dedicated to creating and maintaining a home and school connection with families. Her specialty is home visits, which she believes is the smoothest way to transition a child into their first school experience. Over the years, she has helped many families feel more comfortable while navigating through this delicate milestone. Roy also shines when working with and caring for toddlers. We often call her the ‘potty and nap whisperer’ as we’ve seen her support children through many of these breakthrough moments during the school year. Her nurturing and patient personality along with her skill set is likely to because she grew up as the oldest of six girls, and has been caring for children her entire life! Natural Bridges and it’s community is grateful for all that she does as a teacher, caregiver, and team member.

Karyn Schmidt- Director/Teacher

Karyn has been in the field of Early Childhood for two decades! She brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience in the areas of social and emotional development and in the sharing of community and parental resources. After receiving her degree in Child Development, she went on to specialize in creating family supported communities to encourage collaborative learning and growth. Her certificates include Anti-Bias Education, Families and Diversity, Administration, and Curriculum Planning. Karyn appreciates a plethora of teaching philosophies. The ones that speak to her the most involve the Reggio-Emilia approach, and the constructivists theory. Where it is believed that children learn best through observation, documentation, and children’s involvement in their curriculum and education. Her greatest experience however, comes from raising three children of her own. She loves spending time with her family gardening, taking hikes, playing basketball, eating, and enjoying the community that they’ve been a part of for generations.