Natural Bridges Children's Center 

Academics at Natural Bridges Children's Center

  • Cognitive Learning - The process of thinking, reasoning, and acquiring knowledge is developed in the early years through children's play and self inquiry. NBCC teachers are observers of children's unique interests, and we design curriculum and environments that encourage their further exploration and deepened understanding of these interests.

  • Math & Engineering - We embed children with the early mathematic foundations they need to continue on towards more complicated arithmetic. Utilizing methods of counting, patterning, sequencing, shape recognition, and building, we ensure our students are confident in all matters quantitative.

  • Science - Our staff is passionate about environmentalism, and we invite our students into the world of scientific discovery through investigation, experimentation, recycling, and having our students grow fruits and vegetables in our on site organic life lab!

  • Reading, Writing, & Literacy - NBCC gets excited to ignite interest in literacy through story times, exposure to print concepts, endless engagement with writing tools, physical letter building with wooden lines and curves, and inspired vocabulary introductions.

  • Spanish - Through songs and ongoing vocabulary lessons from our on site Spanish teacher, we believe in enriching our students with the gift that is being multilingual.

  • Arts - From access to painting and instruments, to encouraging creative expression through dance and theatrical play, NBCC values the power of arts education. 

  • Growth Mindset - We believe in the importance of being persistent, resilient, and flexible, and that learning from our "mistakes" is the key to continued education.

  • Social Emotional Learning - As children develop their social skills and deepen their understanding of self, we are there to encourage an environment of safety, empathy, compassion, and kindness. We also incorporate mindful breathing practices to help calm and self regulate. 

  • Physical Development-A key to kindergarten preparedness is strengthening fine and gross motor skills, hand eye coordination, and creating body and spatial awareness.


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