Natural Bridges Children's Center 


As a parent, you should never have to worry about your child's safety when you drop them off at school. We at NBCC take our role as not only educators, but protectors of children as well, with the utmost seriousness, and we are always prepared in case of emergency. From minor disturbances in the neighborhood, to police monitored lockdown, we have thought of every scenario, and have created appropriate measures for all crises. When you enroll at NBCC, your family will be provided with a more thorough breakdown of all of our measures, straight from our comprehensive and ever-evolving handbook, but for your parental peace of mind, here is brief overview of some of the measures we take during emergency situations.

Our first step is always to secure our campus. Though we already have the privilege of operating with a locked and enclosed campus at all times, where only parents and staff have the combination to our gate, in case of any emergency, we are prepared to further secure our campus, bringing all of our kiddos inside our well-built classrooms for additional safety.

Sometimes we use our shelter in place protocols for scenarios such as severe weather, or protecting our children from unhealthy air quality. However, when the crisis at hand is more threatening than some bad rain, we are proud to say that we have a close relationship with local authorities, and our staff is trained to communicate with our friendly Santa Cruz Police Department as thoroughly as we communicate with our valued NBCC families.

Along with securing our general campus via locks and 24/7 video surveillance, we also have taken measures to ensure our classrooms are as safe as possible. Inside every room, we have kevlar covered windows, communication devices, emergency backpacks, and robust first aid kits. We teach our students where to move or take cover in case of earthquake, as well as teaching them appropriate evacuation protocol in case of fire.

At NBCC we have eyes on your child at all times, and we are proud to talk about our thorough safety protocols with our families. There is no scenario we haven't thought about, so please, feel free to ask our staff about any of your safety concerns. NBCC can guarantee you that we will have an answer. We can also reassure our parents, and make a heartfelt promise, that we care about their special little ones as much as they do. 

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