Natural Bridges Children's Center 

Natural Bridges Children's Center's Mission, Philosophy & Pedagogy

Natural Bridges Children’s Center's educational program always puts your child's individuality first. It is our view that strong child teacher connections, built on trust and mutual respect, are the foundations that nurture all children’s future success. 

Our mission is to inspire learning, create community, and to build bridges connecting our diversity. We aim to provide intentional and enriching learning experiences that deepen children's cognitive, physical, social, and emotional growth. NBCC educators understand the importance of social emotional learning, and therefore focus on building personal growth mindsets, as well as fostering awareness, and compassion, towards self and others. 

NBCC's educational philosophies are rooted in the neuroscience of the young brain, and we are constantly attending trainings to stay up to date on the most current brain research in order to keep our teachings purposeful. Along with our continued studies in child development, we have taken our favorite philosophies from some of the greatest theorists in the field of early childhood education, including the works of John Dewey (who believed that children learn by doing), Lev Vygotsky (who observed the benefits of adult scaffolding), and Maria Montesorri (who spoke to the value of beauty and order in environments).

To summarize how we apply all of our philosophies into our daily teaching practices, our process can be streamlined to this: we create dialogues to build unique connections with each child, which then allows us a deeper perspective in observing each child's continued growth, and then we offer tailored curriculum with the intentionality focused on the child's interests or developmental needs.

Our highly individualized system has proven effective in heightening children's experiences and deepening their neural pathways. 

NBCC understands how a quality early education experience directly relates to a child's successful transition into kindergarten, as well as in their future academic success, and we are proud to be experts in laying a strong foundation for your child's continued education.

​Inspiring Children - Creating Community - Building Bridges​