• Children's pick-up times will be staggered and families will be requested to bring their own pen. 

  • ​Upon the designated person signing the child out, the teacher will escort the child out of the gate.


  • Nap mats will be assigned to each child and cleaned daily.
  • They will be stored separately and hygienically from other mats.
  • Mats will be placed strategically around the room with children's heads facing away from others.
  • There can be no 'stuffies' brought to school this year. NBCC will provide each child with a clean book and materials from their individual basket of tools, such as a clip board with a pen and paper.
  • ​Family's will bring their child's nap sheet to school on Mondays and take them home on Fridays for washing.


  • Hand washing will be scheduled throughout the day and additionally when needed.


  • Daily disinfecting of the toys and facility will happen everyday on a schedule.
  • Teachers will be the only persons touching door handles and the gate code pad.​


  • Cohort sizes will consist of 12 children, 2 teachers, and a Director. There will be a consistent 6:1 ratio and the Director will step in to teach in the instance of a teacher absence. 
  • ​Cohort management will be done through utilizing simultaneously indoor & outdoor play spaces. 
  • Each cohort of 12 will be split into 2 groups of six, each group playing both indoors and out on staggered schedules. These smaller group sizes will minimize the germ pool and allow for spacious learning.
  • Children will be given their own daily basket of tools including: pens, paper, crayons, colored pencils, paint brushes, glue sticks, & scissors. 
  • Clean-up routines will now include children putting the toys that they played with in the 'NEEDS CLEANING' tub for disinfecting.
  • Play will be creatively and appropriately distanced and watched closely. 


  • Morning Drop off, health check, and sign-in will happen at the front gate.
  • Morning drop offs will be staggered and families will be requested to bring their own pen. 
  • Both adult & child should approach the school with a mask on their face, but when the child is escorted into school, will be able to take off this face covering and engage in their day mask free. 
  • Upon arrival, there will be a health check station for children to have their temperature taken and to receive a 'squirt' of hand sanitizer by their teacher.
  • Parent/guardian will be asked general health questions by the teacher about illness symptoms, medication administration, sleep disruption, eating and/or behavioral changes within the last 24 hours. The teacher will also inquire about whether or not the child engaged in 'non-family' group activities outside of school within the last 24 hours (ie: dance class or swim lessons etc.).
  • In addition to the required daily sign-in procedure, the parent/guardian will be asked 3 other questions to document: the morning temperature, whether or not fever reducing medication was administered that morning, and whether or not, the child participated in group activities the day prior. 
  • When the morning check-in is complete, the family/child goodbyes will take place at the gate. The teacher will walk the child into school where the child will place their lunch/water bottle into their cubby and then proceed with their day of play & learning.
  • In the instance that a child displays symptoms of illness and/or a temperature of 100F or above at the morning health check-in, the teacher will enforce the 'extra precaution' policy. This policy supports a 'community risk assessment' decision by the teacher.


  • Children are required to approach the school in a mask, but are allowed to take it off when entering the school premises as we will begin our days outside.​
  • When inside, both front & back doors in each room will be kept open for cross current air flow and children's cohorts of 12 will be split into 6. The 6 children who are playing inside will wear their masks as an extra precaution.
  • When not wearing their mask, they will be stored in a plastic bag in their cubby.
  • Masks will be worn if symptoms of illness happen while at school. 

COVID-19 Procedures & Protocols



  • Children will bring their own snack & lunch to school to minimize the passing of germs and will be stored in the child's cubby.
  • NBCC is requesting that lunch & snack be brought in a brown paper bag with disposable utensils and that food items be stored in disposable containers & packaging as well. 
  • When eating inside, seating will be strategically distanced, and when weather permitting, children will 'picnic' outside

Tours: (831) 429-NBCC (6222)