Natural Bridges Children's Center 


Natural Bridges Children'S Center PROGRAM At-A-Glance


  • serves children ages 3-5 years and requires that they be potty trained. 

  • runs on an academic calendar (mid-August through early-June) & offers a 6 week summer school program (mid-June through July).

  • offers monthly ‘Child Development Education & Parent Support' groups. 

  • has a pedagogical approach combining philosophies from theorists John Dewey, who believed that children learn by doing, Lev Vygotsky, who observed the benefits of adult scaffolding, and Maria Montesorri who spoke to the value of beauty and order in environments. NBCC also values the Reggio beliefs that:

  1. children are capable & competent 
  2. children are collaborators 
  3. children are communicators
  4. the environment is the ‘third teacher’ 
  5. teachers are children’s guide 
  • cultivates children's growth mindsets when experiencing failure, and strengthens children's persistence, resilience, flexibility, & optimism​

  • is an anti-bias program which fosters children's:

  1. comfort with self identity & familial pride, 
  2. awareness of others diversity, 
  3. ability to recognize unfairness and injustices 
  4. empowerment to speak up. 
  • is a Green Certified business which fosters environmental awareness & stewardship in children that help the earth.

Everything we do at NBCC is done with love, compassion, and intention and we look forward to being a part of your child's early education experience.

Natural Bridges Children’s Center is a play & inquiry based, child centered program, where all children and ideas are respected. It is our view that through trusted relationships, lengthy play, and inspiring dialog, all learning transpires. Pairing current brain research with purposeful teaching, NBCC early educators keenly observe children's play and scaffold upon their interests. This is done through intentional environmental set-ups, through integration of direct and indirect dialog, and through honoring the process of children's lengthy investigations through play. NBCC teachers understand the importance of how these 5 educator behaviors contribute to children's deepened experiences and neural pathway growth. They also understand how these intentional behaviors lend themselves towards children's successful transition into Kindergarten and to their future academic and life success. Within in this model, NBCC educators merge anti-bias & social justice education into daily interactions & conversations with children, raising their awareness, compassion, and social understanding of others.