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To inspire children’s learning, create community, and to build bridges connecting our diversity.


To provide children intentional & enriching learning experiences that deepen cognitive & social emotional growth and which builds compassion & understanding towards others.


Natural Bridges Children’s Center is a play & inquiry based, child centered program, where lengthy investigations are honored and children's ideas respected.

It is our view that strong, trusting bonds between child & teacher, built on mutual respect is the foundation that nurtures all learnings landscape. A child's sense of safety and feelings of comfort is paramount to their healthy growth & development.

NBCC educators understand the importance of the social emotional aspect of learning and spend their days cultivating positive interactions, and fostering children's awareness of themselves and of others.

NBCC educators pair current brain research with our 5 educator behaviors deepening children's experiences and neural pathway growth.

These 5 educator behaviors are: 

  1. keen observation 
  2. staging engaging environments 
  3. intentional scaffolding 
  4. purposeful dialog & documentation
  5. direct and indirect instruction

These 5 educator behaviors contribute to children's long term learning and lend themselves to children's successful transition into kindergarten and to their future academic success.