"Teachers are Brain Changers" ~ Glenn Whitman and Ian Kelleher 

                                                        (Neuro-Teach-Brain Science and the Future of Education)

Research shows that there is no greater influence on student outcomes than teacher quality.

Brain science informs the field of education that children's brains undergo 

exponential development from birth to age 5. Children produce millions of neural connections

per second and these connections are influenced by relationships, experiences, and the environment.

NBCC teachers understand this science and the important role they play in deepening children's learning.  They spend each day observing children's interests and cultivate experiences that will deepen neural pathway growth. This is done through intentional environmental set-ups, and through direct and indirect instruction. 

Inquiry Based Learning is rooted in the Dewey philosophy that learning is done best by interacting

and collaborating with others and through the investment of hands-on, minds-on inquiry. Our teaching

practices include intentionality, teaching for understanding, encouraging inquiry, and providing real

world contexts.

NBCC does this by:

  • building curriculum based on children's interests 
  • scaffolding on to children's current knowledge; asking questions, hypothesizing, & creating opportunities for children's to experiment and make conclusions
  • supporting children in developing new skills
  • extending children's understanding of their world providing stimulating materials, tools, and literacy to aid in their learning
  • cultivating an environment that fosters curiosity
  • documenting children's learning via photo's, journals, quotes, art, & creations
  • using NAEYC's Developmentally Appropriate Practices & the Preschool Learning Foundations 

NBCC integrates science, physics, engineering, math, reading, writing, and art throughout children's play and  

provides language and tools to heighten perception of their work and play.

"Education... is a process of living and not a preparation for future living" ~ John Dewey


Inquiry Based Learning 

Natural Bridges Children's Center