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Jonnie Cardinale

Preschools, COVID, & Where Are We Now?

Hello and welcome to our NBCC website. 

I appreciate your inquiry and understand the overwhelming task it is in deciding which preschool is best for your child. There are educational philosophies to compare, value alignments to consider, and on top of this, COVID-19 and its variants to worry about.

Families pre-COVID-19 questions use to be about children's physical & social emotional safety, school philosophy, teacher qualifications, schedules, and general curiosities on how social and academic learning are fostered. Families asked about the culture of the school and whether it was nurturing & inclusive. They asked about about whether their child would make friends and be treated kindly, and what happens during a kerfuffle. They also asked about our discipline policy and how children's conflicts are resolved?  

Now, in addition to these very important questions, there are a plethora of other new inquiries regarding COVID-19 & its variants. Families are now asking about vaccines, vaccine requirements, procedures, protocols, and everything else in between. This past year has been a difficult one to say the least, and we have all become way too familiar with COVID terminology and the language relating to personal, family, and community safety.

We have learned a tremendous amount about what it takes to maneuver life during a global pandemic. And if you are a preschool owner, director, teacher, staff, or family member, we learned how to work together to keep one another safe in order to keep our preschool doors open more weeks out of the year than not.

There was a time this past year, that we had to make a very hard decision about on campus learning while, during pre-vaccine time, our local COVID numbers were skyrocketing and our hospitals overflowing. We pivoted for 2.5 weeks to our 5 day a week distance learning platform. It was a bump that we anticipated and planned for, but hoped would never happen. When it did, we were ready and prepared. The children were kept involved with their learning and engaged with their friends & teachers and friends. When we came back, we did so with a seamless transition and everybody healthy.

Shortly thereafter, teachers were vaccinated and COVID cases dropped. In looking back and knowing what we know now, we absolutely made the right decision for our community. Our preschool children, teachers, staff, and families, all survived the year without an incident of even a cold, let alone a COVID case, and we did so without having to close our doors for multiple lengthy quarantines. 

We did it, and we did it together! In the end, the children thrived and families were happy. 

Here we are again at the beginning of a new school year. Every person on planet earth was hoping that this pandemic would be behind us, and that we could go back to the way we were accustomed to living. Alas, this is not the case. We are still in the midst of getting people, who so desire, vaccinated. We are still in the midst of getting information out on vaccine efficacy for people who may be on the fence for either personal or health reasons. We are still waiting for the vaccine to get approved by the FDA. And we are contending now with the rapid transmission of the DELTA variant. 

In understanding the current data on 'transmission rate differences' between: 

  • vaccinated to vaccinated,
  • unvaccinated to vaccinated, and
  • unvaccinated to unvaccinated persons,

AND in understanding the severity of illness between these three groups,

AND with children under 12 not being able to get vaccinated,

NBCC will be asking that all of their teachers, staff, and families be so.  

Choosing your child's preschool is a huge responsibility, and now more than ever. But not to worry! As a parent, educator, and 40-year resident in this community, I am happy to help you in making your decision. There are many wonderful preschool options in this town.

I am thrilled to talk to you about child development, theorists, philosophies, current research, studies showing correlations between 'quality early education & children's future academic success', AND current COVID procedures & protocols. 

 I am excited to share with you NBCC's pedagogy and educational practices and about our wonderful teacher team. Everyone   at NBCC is passionate about child development and are committed to providing exceptional care and enriching experiences.

 It is our mission to inspire children's learning, cultivate community, and to build bridges that connect our worlds and   diversity. It is what we love to do and is what we do best. For us, it doesn't get any better than this!

 I could go on, but I won't. I will wait until we are together.

With all of this in mind, in the end, the most important aspect of choosing a preschool is the feeling of competence that you have chosen the perfect environment' for your child.  

An environment that: 

  • that goes above & beyond in keeping  your child safe & healthy   
  • that is nurturing & welcoming
  • that fosters compassion for self and for others 
  • that cultivates kind & inclusive behaviors     
  • that inspires your child's learning, 
  • that scaffolds upon your child's interests & knowledge 
  • AND.. 
  • that sees your child for the amazing & unique human being that they are. 

That's it. 

You will know if you have chosen the right school for your child, if after your visit you reflect upon a few things: your child's engagement with the environment; did they seem happy, did they enjoy themselves, and did they want to stay and hang out? Also, how did the staff, teachers, owner, &/or Director engage with you and your child?  Did you feel comfortable & confident that all of your questions were being answered? The biggest indicator however, will come from your heart. Your heart will tell you whether you have found the perfect preschool for your child and your heart will lead you in your decision making. There is no better guide. 

Look around our website. If you are inspired by what you read, give us a call to set up a tour.

We all look forward to hearing from you! 

Very Warmest,
Jonnie Cardinale

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