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A Note from Jonnie Cardinale

Welcome to our NBCC website. I understand the overwhelming job of deciphering which preschool is best for your child and why. There are philosophical decisions, scheduling requirements, and an overall feeling of comfort that your 'baby' is in the right environment. As a parent of a young child in this town, not to worry...there are so many good choices. 

In this light, I am thrilled to share with you, the pedagogy and early educational practices of Natural Bridges Children's Center. 

First and foremost, I want to express that 'best in class' preschools are determined by 'best in class' teachers, administrators, and pedagogy.  When researching preschools, be sure to inquire about the staffs education, degrees, certifications, experience, and passion for children. Also ask about the philosophy, mission, vision, and goals of the school. 

Our team at NBCC are degreed, certified specialists who understand developmentally appropriate practices and who keep current in recent brain research. Our experienced early childhood educators are committed to the field of child development, and are passionate about providing a progressive and stimulating learning environment for children. 

We have studied with the many legends before us who have paved the way for 
children’s rights and who have been advocates for this profession. We at NBCC continue to 
carry this torch with a deep passion. 

Our love of child development, brain research, and of building community drives our belief that 
all human beings can grow, learn, & prosper. We believe in peace and feel we are "changing the 
world one child at a time" 
(a quote from Jean Gallagher-Heil; Cabrillo College Professor/Department Chair). 

In all that we do at NBCC, it is informed by current brain research, the NAEYC code of ethics, the Preschool Learning Foundations, developmentally appropriate  practices, and by the understanding that the architecture for learning is constructed during the first 5 years.  A quality early educational facility fosters a healthy social emotional, cognitive, and physical growth of children and cultivates a safe and inclusive environment. 

Our team is dedicated to helping young learners develop the growth mindsets for learning, instilling the notions of persistence, resilience, flexibility, optimism, and empathy.  

We help children in acquiring the attributes & skills necessary for their future academic & life success and provide enrichments such as spanish, mindfulness, art, dance, and yoga to deepen children's neural pathways. 

It is our hope that by building bridges between home, school, and community, that we will create a ‘village’ that lends to raising healthy and happy children!

Our dream of opening a quality, progressive preschool where children are nurtured, and encouraged to express and be their best selves has been a long awaited journey. 

We are finally here and invite you to share in our vision.

Once again, welcome to NBCC! 

To all of the adventures that lie ahead! 

Very Warmest,

Jonnie Cardinale

Welcome to Natural Bridges Children’s Center!