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  • Cognitive Learning- CL is the process of thinking, reasoning, & acquiring knowledge. In the early years this is done through children's play and self inquiry and is aided by teacher scaffolding and intentionality. NBCC teachers are observers of children's interests and design curriculum and environments that encourage their further exploration and deepened understanding of these interests. This is done through the incorporation of curiosities across curriculums and through direct & indirect instruction all supporting neural growth in:
    • Math & Engineering- counting, patterning, shape recognition, & building. 
    • Science & Physics- investigations and experimentation. 
    • Reading, Writing, & Literacy- story times, exposure to print concepts, endless engagement with writing/painting tools, physical letter building with wooden lines and curves, and through vocabulary introductions.

  • Social Emotional Learning- 
    • self awareness
    • awareness of others
    • ​recognition of feelings
    • recognition of conflicts
    • language that resolves conflict 
    • empathy, compassion, & kindness
    • collaboration 
    • 'Mindful Breathing' practices to calm and self regulate 

  • Physical Development- 
    • gross & fine motor strengthening
    • body awareness
    • crossing the midline
    • eye hand coordination

  • Anti-Bias Education & Social Justice-
    • Identity, Diversity, Justice, Action
    • awareness of similarities & differences
    • embracing differences

  • Growth Mindset Education- 
    • fixed and growth mindsets
    • the meaning and importance of being Persistent, Resilient, & Flexible 
    • the importance of mistake making and their effects on our learning and brains 'neural pathways'

  • Environmental Awareness- 
    • the earth 
    • trash and plastic
    • ​recycling 

  • Enrichment
    • ​Spanish


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