Creating Community

Feeling a sense of belonging is a critical foundation in a child's healthy social emotional growth and well being. NBCC is an Anti-bias, inclusionary program whereas strong senses of self & family are nurtured, and where appreciation for diversity is encouraged. 
Cultivating a strong community of friends is what we do best!
Inspiring Children 
Creating Community 
Building Bridges

Inspiring Children

The vision of NBCC is to provide an early educational experience which enriches & inspires the minds of children. 
Pairing current brain research with purposeful teaching, while also modeling social understanding, we are laying foundations for future academic and life success. 

Our goal is to create a safe space that honors and protects each child’s unique interests. We encourage lengthy exploration to deepen critical thinking and we provide an inclusive environment where children learn compassion towards one another. 


The vision of NBCC is to provide an early educational experience which enriches and inspires the minds of children. Pairing current brain with purposeful teaching, it is our intention to model social understanding, and lay foundations for future academic and life success.

Building Bridges

Part of NBCC's mission is to build bridges amongst our community; connecting the uniqueness of our diverse population. 

We work collaboratively with our local & state agencies; the Santa Cruz Child Care Planning Council, Cabrilllo College ECE Department, and the Central Coast Association Education Young Children. We are a sponsor of the annual Central Coast Early Care & Education Conference and are committed to enhancing the quality of the early childhood education profession. 

Children are the center of our work and it is our view that through collaboration and communication we are shedding light on the importance of early childhood education.
Investing in our children is an investment of a lifetime!

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It is the mission of Natural Bridges Children’s Center to inspire children’s learning, create community, and to build bridges connecting our diversity.


The Natural Bridges Children’s Center is a play & inquiry based, child centered program, where all ideas are respected and ‘learning styles’ honored. It is our view that ‘through play, all learning transpires’.

Our constructivist philosophy lends to the belief that children learn best through interaction with others and through exploration of their environment.

We serve children ages 3 years to entry into kindergarten and our small student/teacher ratio (6:1) allows for individualized attention and reflective practice. Our early educators act as guides and are committed to providing engaging & developmentally appropriate learning experiences for children. We incorporate a project-based learning model for in-depth exploration and deepened understanding and thread a STEAM focus throughout all of the learning domains. NBCC's teachers and pedagogy are informed by current brain research, NAEYC’s Best Practices and the California State Department of Education’s Preschool Learning Foundations.

NBCC is an Anti-bias, inclusionary program whereas strong senses of self & family are nutured, and appreciation for diversity is encouraged.

In understanding how children learn, NBCC teachers use the following principles to guide their work:

  • Teach with intention
  • Teach for understanding
  • Encourage inquiry
  • Provide real world context