NBCC's pedagogical approach combines philosophies from theorists John Dewey, who believed that children learn by doing, Lev Vygotsky, who observed the benefits of adult scaffolding, and Maria Montesorri who spoke to the value of beauty and order in environments. NBCC also values the Reggio Emilio beliefs that:

  • children are capable & competent 
  • children are collaborators 
  • children are communicators
  • the environment is the ‘third teacher’ 
  • teachers are children’s guide 

NBCC cultivates children's growth mindsets strengthening the understanding that failure, persistence, resilience, flexibility, & optimism​ are crucial for optimum learning 

Natural Bridges Children’s Center is founded in the neuroscience of the young brain ages 0-8 and pairs current brain research with purposeful teachings.  

NBCC's early educators cultivate inclusive class cultures which develop children's pro social & emotional behaviors and keenly observe play, interactions, and developmental milestones.

NBCC teachers recognize the critical importance of how trusting & caring student/teacher relationships and children feeling safe in their environment correlates to their positive school experience, self identity, confidence, and to their ability to grow & flourish.

NBCC also understands how a quality early education experience directly relates to a child's successful transition into kindergarten and to their future academic success. ​

​​​Natural Bridges Children'S Center Pedagogy

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