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A Note from Jonnie

I am so thrilled to be writing this letter and to be sharing with you, our new school. 

Our team of experienced & loving educators are committed to the field of early childhood education. We have studied with the many legends before us who have paved the way for children’s rights and who have been advocates for this profession. We at NBCC continue to carry this torch with a deep passion. Our love of child development and of building community drives our belief that all human beings can grow, learn, & prosper. We believe in peace and feel we are changing the world one child at a time. 

Informed by brain research, we understand that the architecture for learning is constructed during the first 5 years and that quality early experiences cultivate the sturdy foundations for future life success. 

Our team is dedicated to helping young learners develop the positive mindsets for learning; instilling the notions of being persistent, resilient, flexible, optimistic, and empathetic. We foster children's innate sense of wonderment for the natural environment and teach them to be stewards to mother earth.

We also help children in their acquisition of the social & emotional skills necessary to navigate through any challenge!

With these foundations, all academic learning can flourish. 

We specialize in creating a caring and inclusive environment where families and children are supported. It is our hope that through the building of bridges between home, school, and the community, that we can create a ‘safe village’ to raise healthy and happy children!

Our dream of opening a quality, progressive preschool where children are nurtured, and where they are encouraged to express their best selves has been a long awaited journey. 

We are finally here and invite you to share in our joy.
 To all of the adventures that lie ahead! 

Very Warmest,
Jonnie Cardinale
Owner - Natural Bridges Children’s Center

Welcome to Natural Bridges Children’s Center!